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Vent for downstairs bathroom

Well, finally got the vent/light for the basement bathroom wired and put into place. Didn’t take long but had been waiting on getting the tubing I wanted to use to put the exhaust air outside. Finally found tubing long enough to get it to the outside wall. It is going to be about 15 feet or so I think. Ended up getting a third flexible ventilation tube that was 4 inches instead of the 6 inches I have been getting for the furnace vents. The 4 inch tube fit great on the exhaust fan for the bathroom. Just have to hook the tube up now and cut a whole in the siding. Will probably wait till it is a bit warmer out to do that. Wired up 3 switches for the bathroom. One for the light over the sink and mirror (that we do not yet) and one for fan and one for light in the fan box. Should be plenty of light for the bathroom. Want to put in at least 2 outlets for that bathroom and then place the light over the sink area also. Next I will wire up the 2 light switches for the computer room. THinking about putting a fan in there also. So maybe even three light switches. Probably just two though. One for fan/light and one for the can lights over the desk area. Still trying to figure out what I want to do for that room. Bought the conduit for the basement also. Bought about 70 feet of the stuff. Should be plenty to run the wires I need. Got 2 1/2 inch electrical conduit. Have a whole cutter that cuts a whole just big enough to put the conduit though. Will wait a bit to put that up. Need to figure out where the projector is going to go and the stereo stuff also.

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