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Thinking about getting an eye-fi card

After reading how Alex King liked the card. I am thinking about getting one for our Canon xsi. I had looked at them a long time ago and thought it was kind of expensive for what it did. But now that I have a daughter and do not seem to get time to upload any of the pictures anymore. I am thinking this is a great option. I would love it if it operates as I expect. Take the picture and a few minutes later it is up on our gallery already, and also downloaded to a pc at our house. The media card has never left the camera. Just have to get another battery for the camera as I assume it will eat up a little more battery with this card. If there were software for linux that would be awesome. There may be an easy way for me to get the images down to my ubuntu server automatically but I would not know as you can’t really do anything demo or testing wise until you have the card. If you could see the options before you buy a card that would be awesome. I was thinking about waiting until the 4 gig cards are available but I may just go ahead and get a 2 gig card so I can start using it. It will be nice to not have to remove the card and upload. We can then think about getting digital picture frames or a screen saver for the grand parents so they can see the new images immediately when they are updated.

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  1. bryan says

    Wish I had known you were interested in one. Saw a blog or 2 a few weeks ago about this–someone wrote a program that works under linux for this. Just can’t find it now. (they still complained about how slow it was though) I’ll keep an eye out for it, pun intended.

  2. bryan says

    Most info at:

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