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Flooring has been installed

After a very long week, the main floor of our house now has very nice 4 inch solid oak flooring.  The only areas that do not have hardwood floors now are the two bathrooms.  It was a very long week last week.  My boss was nice enough to let me work from home while the floors were being installed.  Jen and Emma went to Jen’s parents for the week.  I was busy in the evenings, moving things around to getting some of the todo list taken care of.  It was a very productive and tiring week (for both Jen and I 🙂 ).  The deck is partially stained.  Still have to do the railings, but the flooring is all set.  I had a little run in with the power washer two weeks ago.  My wrist is healing nicely now.  I found out our power washer can take skin right off of a human body if you get it to close.

We still have a few things to move back upstairs and a few pictures to hang.  We also want to put a little padding or something under our new area rug in the living room.  Still a little bit hard for Emma to play on, or shall we say bounce around on.  The floor turned out better than we expected.  Taylor did not like it at first but is fine now.  We just have to cut her nails and I mean cut her nails.  She has already left a few marks from getting startled, but I hope to have her nails short enough that she will not be marking the floors anymore.

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  1. bryan says

    Looks wonderful! Hope Taylor doesn’t leave any more scratches.

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