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Slow season for tv shows

Since it is the summer season for tv shows and there is very little on, I normally start a refresh of our mythtv system. I am thinking about making the master backend server a vm. I currently have a few vm’s on an esxi4 server. I have a masterbackend up and running and one tuner from our hdhomerun setup on it. Last night was the first recording on the masterbackend. It looked like it handled it just fine. I think I am going to have to rethink this setup. I may just make it an sql server not the masterbackend server.
I have rebuilt on of the frontend with Jaunty. It used to be intrepid. It was a very fast build. From start to finish, probably less than 2 hours. The only problem I had was I forgot to run the backend as the mythtv user so it was causing a system load of about 1.5. After I figured out it was filling up a log file pretty fast it is happy now. The Myth gui seems to be much snappier compared to the intrepid build. I plan to remove the intrepid apt repository I had later today. Next step will be to rebuild the other frontend. It is currently hardy. After that the only other box i have is the current masterbackend and that is hardy also. Not sure if I will rebuilt that as a Jaunty box or not. It will be nice to be all 64bit oses and be able to remove a few sections of the apt repository I keep synced.

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  1. bryan says

    I’m really liking what I see in the new opensolaris with all the ZFS stuff as well. But can it run VMs well? I’m not interested in solaris zones at home nearly as much as I am at work. 🙂

    Oh, and check out the value on this:

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