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Finally, I got very lucky on an APC AP9211

I saw a AP9211 remote reboot power unit on ebay a few weeks ago.  Problem was that the power cable had been cut.  No big deal just put a new cable on it.  Well I kind of go busy and forgot to bid.  Looked at the auction after the fact and no one bid on it so I emailed the seller and he said he would sell it to me for 60 bucks shipped.  Just got it this week, had to put a plug on the end of the cut power cable and all was well.  It had a sticker on it that gave me the ip address(thank goodness), so I reconfigured it and just updated the firmware for both the ap9606 card that came with it and the ap9211 also.  Everything is working great.  Tested rebooting my main mythtv box with it and everything came back fine.

I had a little bit of reading to do on why my jfs filesystems were not getting checked at boot time but that was my mount line in /etc/fstab setup wrong.  Now a hard reboot comes back clean as can be every time.  Now to figure out what backuppc is doing to hang in the middle of a backup of one of my slave frontends.  I want to move the tuner card to the masterbackend anyway so I may end up moving it and solving the problem of backing up that slave backend anyway.

I was so lucky getting the APC AP9211 for this price.  Ebay they go for $120 normally.

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  1. dbennett_bensoft says

    I wrote a ping bot for the AP9211 that will monitor a system connected to it and issue
    a power cycle if the machine stops responding (The AP9211 does not include this functionality)


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