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New Reciever

Well after tracking my new reciever, I noticed sunday that it was on it’s way to grand rapids. Monday I noticied it was coming to my town. So I called to see if I can pick it up. Well they will not allow me to pick it up unless it has been out for delivery once already or if the shipper changes the way it was shipped so I can pick it up 2 days early. That made me so happy. So it is going to have to sit in the fedex warehouse for two days. Well this morning I found that is is out for delievery. It is suppose to get a signature so we shall see. They will probably just leave it on the door. If not I will have to go over and pick it up tonight. So I get to do some playing tonight. Have to go get my other 2 speakers so I can try out the 7.1 dts tonight.

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