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Got alot done this weekend

Went out and bought two more cabinets for the laundry room. That room if finished now. Actually I have to put the nobs and handle on the cabinets. Didn’t do that yet. I have them, just didn’t take the time this weekend to do that yet. Maybe I will get to it tonight. So that room looks much better now and we have plenty of storage and a place to put things when we come in the house. Put new pads on the front of the jeep. I was so sick of the pads I put on awhile ago that I finally went out and got OEM pads for the front also. Put those on sat. and no more squeaking. So a lesson learned, never buy semi-matallic pads, they squeak something fierce. Buy the expensive OEM pads and you will be happy, hopefully my brake dust problem will be fixed with this also. Mowed the lawn one last time on saturday. Put the lawnmower away for the season. If we get a warm day soon I might take it apart and grease it up and change the oil and plug. Things should be ready for winter in the garage now. Changed the oil in the car sunday and aired up the tires and filled all the liquids. Just have to wash and wax this week and the car should be ready for winter. Hopefully we can have no more car work or problems for the whole winter. I think now that pretty much everything else if finished that I can do outside I can work on putting together the new firewall box and get that up and running (want to host my mysql on that box instead of my other server). The other server is almost ready to be replaced also. Have the new DVD burner in the new server and just have to mover files and get the webserver all setup on it. Then I can make the swap. After that I want to clean the office and start bringing stuff downstairs so we can get office furniture into the office and jenny can decorate it how she would like it. I want to finish up the wiring in the basement and get all of the runs cleaned up and finalized. Then I can get the doors I want for the basement and finish insulating and go out and get the big load of drywall. I have to get the bathroom fixtures and stuff in before I finish the door and drywall to the bathroom though. I am going to have to take that wall down to get the shower and cabinets in for the downstairs bathroom. Might be able to get some money set aside for that room here in a few months. Before I know it, it will be time to start on the yard again. Want to get the grass coming in full in the spring and finish up on the sprinkler system and then put two landscape areas in, in the front yard. Then the door on the back of the garage and a screen door on the front door and lights for the backyard. Then I think it will be time to move 🙂 Just kidding. But what else is there to do on a new house?

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