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Voip one step closer, dvdxcopy problems

Well last night I put my first card into my linux firewall that is running asterisk. After a little fiddling, I was able to get the line working. Called my home phone and the asterisk server answered the line. Well that is not what I was looking to do at all. But at least it is working. The conference calling works and music on hold works also. So I am getting a bit farther now. Next I think I will get the IP phone or sipura device. Not sure which I will get yet. Would love to play with a nice cisco IP phone but think I will just play with it and then sell it so I am really leaning towards the sipura.

I think I might have finally found out why my dvdxcopy is not working. I have to disable another piece of software tonight and I think it should work for me. Hope fully I will have some time to work on that after dinner tonight.

Going to plan to take jenny’s car into circuitcity tomorrow to get the new Cd changer installed. Think she will be happy when that gets put in.

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