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New network/computer rack

Just put together a new 4 foot rack I got from a friend. Have 2 full size shelves and 2 half shelves in it. I will put my network switch into it and probably a few patch panels for the house and plan to put a ups in it that powers all the stuff and then my router/firewall/ip pbx system and my new websever/video/file server also. Will put one monitor keyboard and mouse in the stand and put a switch in so I can control the 2 pcs. It will be nice to get them down and out of the way. I rarely do anything on them and it will work out great putting them down their. Might speed up the cable modem a bit also since it will be right at the line coming into the house. Hope to have it setup and running the firewall and switch this weekend. Will have to move a few things around but should fit in the back corner of my utility room just fine.

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