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Furnace guy was out to work on the stack

He came at about 7:50 this morning. Early. That was a good sign I guess. Seemed like a good guy. Showed him the stain on the ceiling. He went up into the attack and looked, thought it was coming from the roof. Climbed up on the roof (through the snow) and looked at the flashing and pipe up there. Only thing he could think of would be that there was some screws up there that were not needed and the holes might let a little water in or the seem in the pipe was letting water in some where and it was running down that. So he took off to the shop to get a new pipe and came back and put that in. A few more trips into the attack and a few more up on the root and he said it should be good. He did say to let the ceiling dry out a bit and wait a bit before I fix it just in case the pipe still leaks. That makes me feel really good. I think he got it though. I plan on heading back up there tonight to take a look. I am going to take up some bleach in a spray bottle to kill the mold at the seam. Will then move all insulation back to let it dry and then refluff the insulation and put a sheet of plastic down so I can see if water is still leaking. I will clean up the pipe so all residue is cleaned off, then I can tell if it is leaking again in the future. After I do all of that I have to refluff all the insulation that we have compressed since 3 of us have made many trips back and forth to fix the problem. Should take me an hour or so I would think. After I am sure that the problem is gone I will prime the ceiling stain spots with some kilts or whatever that paint is called and then paint over it with the white that is should be. Hopefully problem solved. No cost so far. Will have to buy some primer and that is it hopefully.

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