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Well I had a big weekend with the basement

Shawn and I went to Menards right after work on friday and bought all the drywall we thought we would need for some time. Went to rent the truck (had to wait for them to put gas in it, took like 30 mins to go get gas for some reason) and we were on our way. Took 32 sheets of half inch to shawns first. Then we went back and loaded up the truck with almost all the 5/8ths I needed and a few sheets of plywood for shawn. Took that load to my place. Headed back to Menards and got the rest of the 5/8ths I needed and then loaded up as much 1/2 inch as we could get. By the time we finished that load it was about 9pm. So we turned the truck in and had dinner. Called it a night. Took sat off to spend time with jenny and rest a bit. Sunday at about 9:30 we were back at it. Took a load of 20 sheets of 5/8ths to shawns again. Went back to menards and loaded up 10 sheets of green board (water resistant drywall) and another 20 sheets of 1/2 inch. Took that to my house and then turned the truck back in. This time it was only an hour for the rental. Headed to shawns to have some lunch and then started taking the drywall down to the basement from the garage. That took us up till about 2pm or so. Man that stuff gets heavy after a while. Was so nice to get all the 5/8ths down first. You carry two sheets at a time, each trip we carried on set of two sheets that weight about 70 pounds for the 5/8th stuff. Was glad when we had the 10 sheets down in the basement. The 1/2 inch stuff was only about 45 or 50 pounds, man was that so much easier. After we finished at his place we headed to my place. Took down the green board and all of the half inch stuff. Was roughly 54 sheets altogether, so about 27 trips. We were dead so the 26 sheets, 13 trips for the 5/8th and the 5 sheets of plywood will have to wait. I am so sore today. We will probably get the rest some evening this week or sunday we plan to cut most of shawns plywood so at worst case we will get the rest at that point. Now to get some help to start putting up the drywall.

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