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Drywall is going up slow but sure

Sat. night I had some help with the drywall. First time I have put up drywall in a very long time. Went slow for sure. Only got one wall put up. Think I am getting the hang of it again though. We had the wrong screws so I am going to have to clean up some of the holes before I mud that wall. The screws were for sheet rock. They tear up the surface of the drywall as they sink into the sheet. Not a bid deal, I just have to make sure that nothing is sticking out of that area before I start to mud. Went and bought the right screws the next morning and also a drywall screw gun. It works much better than the dewalt attachment I had bought for my screw driver. Now I have two screw guns I can use to put up the drywall. That should make it go a little faster. So a few nights this week I hope to have some help so I can finish up the office. So by next weekend the office will hopefully be all drywalled up and ready to mud if I want to.

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