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Office is getting closer

Well over the weekend a friend came over and we worked for another couple of hours. We finished some insulation and put in the last heating duct and then finished the last 2 walls that needed drywall. We also started to drywall the Metal Ibeam in the room. I finished up the last 4 pieces after he left. Then I cleaned up the room and stood back to just look at it. I am very happy with how it is turning out so far. Only one spot I am a bit concerned about but there is nothing I can do about it. There is one stud that is sticking out a bit and when you look down the wall with your head against it you can see the wall bows out a bit. You really can’t notice unless you put your head against the wall though. I need to finish up insulating around the heating duct and then drill the hole in the outside wall to run the coax cables to the satellite and then I will be ready to drywall the ceiling. I need to make a soft to go around the one waste pipe on the ceiling and then make a small box around the waste pipe in the floor also. Will probably look a little bit weird but there really is nothing else I can do to hide them. Will be happy when all of that is done. I think I underestimated the amount of drywall I will be needing to finish the basement but only time will tell. I think I will have enough to get most of the large room finished though. After I finish up a few things in the office I think I will start getting the Ibeam ready and drywall that beam first and then run the wire for all the speakers. Then I just have to think about the gas line I want to run for the gas stove I want to put in down there and then I think I am ready to drywall the large room.

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