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Another week has come and gone

It is not friday and I have not really worked on the basement at all this week. I did go down and put one coat of mud on some of the screws in the office area. I plan to work on the ceiling area of that room tonight with shawn. I still have to run the two coax cables outside to the dish in that corner of the house and I also need to build the two areas out and cover up the drain pipes in that area. Other than that, We can drywall the rest of the ceiling. Hopefully I can just head outside when i get home and get that whole drilled and finish those two cables. The other sofet area I think I can drywall most of the area with shawn tonight and just leave a few holes for the sofet area. Who knows, we probably can measure together and get that sofet put up in less than 30 mins also. Might just do that and get it our of the way. Hope I can get that room all drywalled by the end of the weekend and at least one coat of mud up. I can then think about priming that room and move all of the computer stuff down to that area then. Just put up some plastic in the doorway so we do not get that room all dusty. Can be the computer room and workout room while we make dust and what not in the rest of the basement.

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