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Office is getting closer

I put the second and final coat on all the screw holes. All I have left is to put another coat on all the seems and corners and then doctor up the ibeam. That will take alot of mud, but it is all coming along very nicely. Next thing I want to do is get the shower and cabinet in the bathroom. Then I can get the rest of the wall drywalled. I am in the process of running the gas line right now. Have a few parts ready to go. Want to put in the connection all the way to the shutoff valve and then test the line. From there it will be pretty easy to do. Just have to measure very carefully and just put it up. I then need to put in the speaker cables and I will be ready to drywall the rest of the big room. I am thinking about drywalling the hallway at the bottom of the stairs. It will be an easy place to drywall and will make it look much better there.

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