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Had a great weekend

Saturday my younger brother carl graduated from college. That filled up saturday. Had a great time with family. Came back home and started getting ready to work on the front yard landscaping with the neighbor. He came out and let me know he was sorry, was getting a little to late, they had a previous dinner engagement. So I put the stuff away and got the mower out and mowed the yard. Man that grass can grow when you fertilize and it rains a whole bunch. Which reminds me, the second application of fertilizer is suppose to go on this week sometime.

Sunday we got up and I headed out front to start on the landscaping project. Neighbor showed up just a little after I did. We talked for a few and then called the nursery to make sure they were open and headed out to pick up a few small plants and the mulch. Got back and started laying the plants out and laid the hose out to see what shape we wanted to make. Then we removed the plants and started to dig the holes for the plants. Then we dug a small trench around the area we wanted to mulch. At that point we can start laying down the weed barrier. After the weed barrier was down we cut holes in the weed barrier and started planting the plants. He went to get some more top soil for his side. I finished up on my side. When he got back I was working on putting one more plant in the other side of the yard. I had one extra and some space over there so I planted it over on the other side. He finished up planting his and we started to mulch. It all ended up very nice in the end. So now that project is out of the way and I can get back to the basement.

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