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Server is back

Well last night I brought all my computer stuff back up from downstairs. Started working on the file server. Could not get anything off the bad drive. I took it out and put in my old 120 gig drive I used to use. It still had a lot of the old data on it. Started copying some of the files that I had backed up on my firewall. Website is backup now. Got dvarchive back up also. Almost have everything back to normal and am coping the files as I write this. I will keep two copies of my data drive from now on. Don’t’ think I lost much of anything but can’t be sure of that. I now have to figure out if the partition went bad on that 160 gig maxtor or if the drive is going bad. If the drive is going bad I will need to look up when I bought it and see if I can get it replace under warranty. I have another 200 gig maxtor I just bought that I can move to if I need to. The 120 gig seems to be doing ok right now though. I think I will have to really start looking for the new stuff I wanted to get to piece a new server together. That or just rebuild my other box and get that back in as my main server. It might be time to get that external usb case I have been wanting to get. That would be good to have around. Just put my 200 gig into that and then I can put it on any case I want to put it on.

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