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Got a bunch done this morning

Got up early thanks to taylor wanting to eat. Went out and washed the jeep first thing. I went on to wash jenny’s car also. Jenny came out with taylor. I pulled both cars in the garage and then hosed down the driveway. Taylor got a little wet. She loves the hose and water for that matter. After that I got the lawn mower out and started mowing the yard. Finished up the yard and it started to sprinkle. That was great timming. After that I finally got around to sanding the ceil in the new office That finished up the first coat of mud on that room. I got the shop vac out and clean that room up so I can start mudding again. I would like to get that room finished up soon. It is time to get back on the basement project again. I think I will take a day or two off in the next month so I can get going on that project again. I really need to get stuff going if I want to finish it before winter.

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