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Had a beautiful weekend and accomplished quite a bit too

Started out on friday evening, jenny was on call so I stayed up late and got another coat of mud on almost all the walls. Saturday morning taylor woke me up early so I got back to mudding. Put a second coat on all the corners of the room. I still have to get the seams on the ceiling and all the corners on the ceiling. It will probably take at least one more coat in a few spots. Getting closer though. Starting to look much better. What have I learned from this small room? I am glad I do not do this for a living. I will be hiring out the main room and other areas I think. Will get done much faster and probably look much better also. MIght try to find someone that will do part of it for me. Say I put the tape and corners on and someone else comes in and finished everything for me. Hope I can get all the rest of the rooms done down stairs and finish the garage so I can paint the garage also. Hope to keep it below a grand if possible. Will have to start looking around.

I also worked on the yard again on sunday. Put some mulch down around the mailbox and put in four day lilies to dress it up a bit. I have a little bit more room there so I might put something else down also. I pulled all the bricks up around the three trees I have in the front yard. Yes I know I just put those in last year. It was not working out as good as I had hoped. Just edged around the trees and put some more mulch down. I went out and got some more fertilizer spikes for the trees. Hope to get that down this week. I have two trees in the backyard I want to take the bricks up on also. Would like to get all the trees fertilized this week some time. Have just enough to put 3 spikes on each tree in the yard and 2 spikes on each pine tree in the backyard. That should be good for the year on the tress then. I think I will spray all the trees also then to try to keep the bugs off them.

Mowed yesterday also. The lawn is coming in very nicely. I am happy for the most part in how the lawn has come in. Been alot of work but it is worth it now. Backyard still needs abit of work but don’t want to do to much until taylor stops digging and trying to each some of the stuff back there. I think I am going to edge and go ahead and just mulch the area next the the deck this year. Just clean that up a bit. Don’t put any plants in it yet just much to clean it up and then maybe plant some stuff there next year. I may much under neath the pine trees also, just to clean that up also. I hate mowing under them and the grass gets a bit long sometimes. Mulching under them will fix that problem.

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