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Long weekend was so needed

Well this past weekend was so nice. What is even nicer is the short 4 day work week. Tomorrow the week will be half over. So we were gone for most of the weekend. Got back in the evening last night. Brought most of the stuff in from the car and headed right back out to mow the yard. It was getting pretty long. Ended up not being as bad as I thought it might be but was still a bit to clean up. Nice to see the lawn nice again. Need to get watering it again. We have not had rain in awhile. Lawn is starting to dry up a little bit.
This week I hope to get a few things cleaned up in the basement so I can keep working on the office area down there. I need to decided what to do with my fish tank. What to do, downsize it and put it in my 30 gallon tank with a smaller sump and skimmer, or just get rid of it altogether. Not sure what I will be doing. We came home to the tank totally stopped. No pumps were running at all. I unpluged the ups and then powered it back on. That didn’t do it. Then I reset the fuse that popped on the back of it. Wow I foudn the problem. One of my x10 units must have gotten a bit of salt or water or something in it because that thing just started sparking when I reset the fuse. Wow, that startled me. Good thing I had the ups there to get triped. I also need to fix a valve in the backyard. It seems to be leaking a bit. Want to get that fixed so I can start watering the lawn before i get up in the morning.

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