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Basement update

Have not done much to the basement in the past weeks. Last thing I have done was put the gas line in. I hope to start work on the basement again tonight. I want to move a light about an inch up. Messed up on one of the lights in the hallway. Then I can drywall the whole hallway (hopefully this weekend). I need to cut a hole in one of the sheets of drywall for the speaker jack I covered up. That should be a quick fix. I hope this weekend I can get some help and put drywall up along the once side of the room. I can then finish up the whole inside wall. I just want to get a few walls done. I can then keep moving accross the room. I still need to finish up the speaker main jack on the outside wall. Just need to be all cleaned up and mounted on the wall there. Move the one electrical jack into a 4 jack plate at the same time. After I do that the only other thing that is left will be building out sofets around two spots. Will leave that for later. I will drywall around them right now. Then cover up with some framing around the spots. Just attach to the studs through the drywall already in place. If I can get help this weekend I hope to get at least the one all finished up. Man I can’ t wait till the drywall is finished. It will really start to look like a finished basement at that point. I need to pick up the bathroom fixtures soon. Need to get them in the bathroom and installed before I can finish the bathroom drywall and also the wall in the main room the bathroom is on. I have to take that wall apart to get things like the shower and maybe the cabinets into that room. So many things to do still.

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