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It’s been over a week now and no leaks

I have been checking the new pipes I put in down stairs and have seen no water at all. I do have a small problem with the shower head leaking when I run the shower but that is because I have not screwed the shower head in all the way. I will have to remove it again to paint and probably for the mudding guy. Since I have seen no leaks I went ahead and finished up the insulation on that wall. Had to go get one more roll of insulation to finish up the last bit. Have some extra now but that is OK. Now I am pretty much at a stand still. I can finish up the trim around the windows and need to finish up two doors but after that I need to get out and get some drywall and trim for the baseboards and doors and windows. I believe that is all I can do until I get the carpet in and mudding contractor in. I really need to get moving on those two items.

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