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Back to the basement

Worked on the basement for a few hours last night. I was able to fix the leak for the shower head last night. I will test once again tonight to make sure there is no more dripping when you turn the shower on. Then I can finish up the last few pieces on that wall. I started on the outside wall that is behind the furnace and water heater. Was able to get two pieces up last night. The one behind the furnace is up. Was not sure if I was going to be able to get it in there but it just fit. I have about 3 pieces left on that wall. I cleaned up the rest of the network cables. I just have to punch them down on the punch blocks now. I want to get the last piece of drywall on that wall so I have a clean surface to mount the punchdown block on. I hope tonight to have time to get this hard piece up and all set. It will close most of the wires into the wall, with just a few holes to access areas I need to have access to. Don’t think I will close in above the electrical panel and also on the right side of the panel. Will need to have access to those areas if I ever need to run more electrical or other cables. I still have a little bit of static on the phone line. I need to get that back on a protected circuit so that hum goes away. Otherwise I will have to play around with the cables a bit more to see where I am getting the hum from.

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