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Two zones almost the way I want them

A few days ago I found out that Menards is carrying rainbird sprinkler heads now. I had bought cheap spray heads for two zones on the side of my house. These heads get plugged up easily and are hard to adjust and keep clear. They are about the same size as the rainbird heads I bought so very easy to replace. I had 3 of the large hunter heads on one of the zones also. I have replace all heads in one zone (6 heads). Have adjusted that zone and think it is pretty much dialed in. I will check it again just to make sure I am not watering the house or anything like that. I have replace 2 of the old pop up spray heads on the other zone and then replace 3 of the hunter heads on that zone also. I have one connection I just capped off so I will have to dig that one up and find the connection to put the last rainbird head. I have run out of the new heads, only bought 11, ended up needing the 12th one, so I will go get 2 more, keep one as a replacement just in case. I hope to be able to get around to putting the last one in by this weekend. My left hand is almost back to normal but my right hand I have two blisters on it. Man my fingers hurt right now. The heads I am putting in are the RainBird 1800 series. I like how easy they are to adjust. I can adjust from now spray to 360 degrees of spray. I can also adjust from roughly 15 feet to about 8 feet it looks like. You can really crank these down so you do not over water if you do not want to. Puts up a much more even spray than the others I have tried also. Nice thing is that they only cost 3.89 for the professional fully adjustable model at Menards. Not much more than the cheap ones I just replace made by orbit.

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