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New grill

Genesis B 2005
Well saturday morning I called the local Ace Hardware to see if they had the Genisis Silver C. They had just sold the one they had the previous day. Said they could hold the one coming in on wed. for me. So I was put on the list. After thinking about it I decided to head on over to the store to take a look. Was thinking I really didn’t need that side burner and the Genesis Silver B would be great. It was nice to get the upgraded version of the Genesis B. It came with stainless steel grates and flavorizor bars. They have a 7 year warrenty instead of the 1 year on the other hardware. Was only 20 bucks more and an easy choice since that was the only one they had in stock. Ended up taking one that was still in the box since the box would fit in the back of my jeep and the assembled one would not. Took me about an hour to put together. They are very easy to asseble. The only bad thing is I have to get rid of all the card board and packaging now. There is alot of it also. Hopefully I can get that all out in the garage this week. Have cooked on it 5 times already. Love it. Does a great job. Still learning the differeneces between my old cheap one and this weber. Everything has turned out fine so far. Even cooked some corn on the cob last night. Plan to keep cooking on it for many years to come. I also spent the extra money and bought their over priced cover for it also. Very well made cover and worth the price I believe. Will probably get some cooking tools eventually also. Have a nice set right now but they do not hang on the hooks. Discover now lets you get gift cards for ace with their cash back bonus program. Used $125 in card to get the grill and cover. Will get another 2 probably to get the tools eventually.

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