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Got everything done last night I wanted to

Since it looks like it will rain pretty much everyday the rest of this week I decided I needed to get out and mow the yard since it was pretty long already. Got that done and then went down and worked on a few spots in the basement and then came up to the garage to fix a few seams on the ceiling. They look ok this morning but I have a little bit more to touch up tonight I believe. Good new is the office looks great now. I am ready to spray the ceiling. The bathroom was touched up a bit last night. I want to try to sand it tonight so I can prime yet this week and then spray the ceiling this weekend. I have paint to paint the ceiling as soon as I spray it. I also might have enough paint to put one coat on the walls in the office and bathroom. Hopefully next week I can move the sink into the bathroom to give it a test fit before I get flooring down. Moving along, just slow like always.

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