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Finished up in the utility room

After the trick-or-treaters slowed to a complete stop at about 8pm last night, I headed down to the utility panel and worked on that last outlet I wanted put in for the computers. I ended up moving two outlets that are in the main room (outlet on post and projector outlet on ceiling) to their own breaker. I then hooked the new outlet to the same breaker the de-humidifier was on. I updated the labels and called it a night. Everything is working great. Hopefully that is the last time I have to open that panel for a long time. I have one extra 15 amp breaker left and 20 amp breakers. Just enough to fill the rest of the panel. I do not have plans to put anything else on that though. Only think I could think of would be a hot tub or something that needs alot of juice. Other than that I can’ t think of anything that would fill the rest of the panel up.

The rest of the week I will probably get going on the 3 windows. It will be nice to have those all take care of. I want to prime all of the word first and then put them up and paint them. Problem is I am not feeling very motivated right now.

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