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Items that I still need to do this week

Well I have finished a few projects I wanted to do this week. I still have a few more.

I want to touch up a few spots in the basement and trim out the windows.

I want to touch up some paint after touching up the basement and also fix a few spots in the rest of the house also. I figure it will take me the better part of a morning to get all of the touch up stuff done with the paint. Probably another few house to touch up some spots with mud also.

I want to take jenny’s car up to get washed at talk to the dealer

I want to sweep out the garage and mop it up also. Try to get it clean again.

I will add to the list as I remember a few more items I was planning on working on.

UPDATE: Garage floor has been cleaned. It is drying right now. I have worked on a bit of the touch up work and ahve some more to work on. I believe the upstairs is ready to have touch up paint. I plan to work on the down stairs mud tonight so I can do all of the paint touch up at the same time.

I took my car to the car was to get it washed. I will probably take jenny’s car tomorrow.

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