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Still have a long list of items to complete after a full week off

I will have a 4 day weekened this coming weekend and hope to get a few more things checked off the list.  I was not able to finish everything I wanted to last week.  At the end of the week I got side tracked on a problem and a few other things.

At about 10pm on the 22nd I noticed that there was a little water and salt buildup around the water softner salt container.  Well after digging into it, I found it had a crack/leak in it.  I ended up emptying about 200 pounds of salt and water out of the container that night and going to sleep around midnight.  The next morning I called the company that installed it and they could make it out the wed after newyears if I wanted them to.  I asked if I could just pick the part up and install myself and that was fine.

83 bucks later the problem was solved and all is well.

I plan to go to Home depot one night this week to pick up the window and door trim.  I hope to get going on that over this coming weekend.

I still need to touch up some paint in the main room of the basement.  After that the only touch up painting I want to do is the ceiling in our bedroom.  I have primed the two spots I want to touch up and now I will roll some flat ceiling paint over the primer and i think that will be fixed also.

After the basement windows are all finished and doors are all hung and trimmed out, primed and painted.  I will move on to the baseboard molding.  I will need to pick that up and paint it before installing.  I hope to go pick up a few carpet samples monday or tuesday of next week.  I hope to get carpet on order and installed by the end of feburary if all works out.

This week I will make the final decision on if I get the projector now or later.  I want to see what the prices seem to do this week and try to figure out what they will do after the new year.

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