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Just submitted an order for a few video cables from I had been searching for good prices on good cables for sometime now. I was very impressed with the prices at monoprice. Today I finally made an order. I ordered a 25 foot hdmi cable, 25 foot component cable, 25 foot svideo with audio cable and a dvi to hdmi adapter. Total cost of the order was 62 bucks with shipping. Not a bad price at all. I needed a 20 foot cable to run through the conduit to the location of the projector (not yet purchased). 25 feet was the closest I could get and afew extra feet should be fine. I will post again when I get everything hooked up and working. It will be a few months but when I get it all going I will post as to the quality of the cables and the video picture on the screen. I hope it was a good choice.

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