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Was able to put a few hours in again tonight

Finished up the other side of the utility room door. Painted one side of the bathroom door and painted the rest of the baseboard trim. Worked on a bit of the wood for around the two small windows and worked on putting some of the baseboard down at the bottom of the stairs. I can’t really do to much more until I finish the door trim around the french doors. I will probably start on the office tomorrow. Will see how far I can get on it. I hope to get some move wood preped and ready to put up around the small windows. I will paint the other side of the bathroom door. Everything is falling together. I am glad I have the brad nailer and also the finish nailer. It would be very hard to put all of this mold up if I did not have the two nailers. I will probably put a few more pictures up wed. Not much has changed so far. By wed I hope to have a few items knocked out and you probably will see the difference.

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