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Projector was behind a chair on my portch when I got home

As soon as I got home I unboxed the projector and let it start warming up.  After a quick meal I checked to make sure the projector was warming up and started to get the dvd player hooked to it via component and hdmi cables.  Powered up the projector and that is when I started to worry.  Everything was just light nothing was dispaying.  I turned it off and it got loud(the fan kicked in to cool the light down.  I powered it back up and noticed moisture on the inside of the inner most lense.  It was almost gone at this point.  Must be from it being so cold and then warming up.  After about 5 minutes all moisture looked to be gone and the screen was clean.  I focused and popped shrek2 in.  Man what a nice picture.  I have a few shots of the screen here.  I will setup my tripod and my camera later this week to get some clear shots.  The sony is fuzzy due to dark room and movement by me.  One or two are almost focused though.

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