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Most of the cables in the basement have been terminated and labeled

This afternoon I was able to get all of the cat5 cables terminated and labeled. I am still trying to figure out how I want to hang the switch that all of the patch panels will plug in to. I may put a shelf up there that I can put my cable modem, router and switch on. I still have to label all of the coax cables and redo that wiring. It is all hooked up and working right now but I still have to redo it and make it cleaner and labeled.

We re-arranged the living room upstairs. It has much more room now that there is not stereo or tv up there. We still want to get the bookcase that holds the cd’s and dvd’s moved out of there. I still need to move jenny’s book shelf out of the room upstairs also. I hope to finish moving everything else this week and get the office setup downstairs.

The replaytv and television are all hooked up and working. I also hooked up the xbox to the projector. Man that is very nice on the big screen. I have it setup at 720p right now. I still have to mess around with the resolution and figure out what games will work at that resolution. xbmc works at that resolution and looks great.

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