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The Avermedia A180 seems to be working great.

After a little playing around friday night I was able to get the card to tune to channels corrrectly and actually recorded a few shows on it without any problems over the weekend.  I seem to have stumbled on a IO problem (brought to my attention by my brother).  I thought maybe the card just used more resources then the 500mce I have.  Well after looking at the cpu usage, recording with all 3 tuners in the system, the proc usage is less than 5%.  That is great.  The problem is that a hd stream is much larger than a ntsc show.  I have my mythtv repository on another server nfs mounted.  The other server gets loaded up and then my mythbackend box starts to get loaded up.  System load on both boxes get up to near 1 or over 1.  After looking at both boxes the nfs server seems to be doing a bunch of work.  I am going to try moving the myth repository over to my myth backend in hopes of that helping out.  Never even thought about how much the hd feeds really take up.  The MSU game on saturday was 17 gig when I looked at it on sunday.  I am going to have to work on getting a few jobs setup to transcode hd streams I guess.  Man that is a lot of data.  I was just happy to know that the a180 was not really hogging the system, just what it was trying to put out onto the filesystem was the hog.  Time to make a few changes I guess.  I may have to get a new case or move some of the hardware around because I think I will run out of mounting space in my current antec case for the raid card.  Oh man, and I don’t have a pci slot in that case to put the scsi card.  Man that sucks.  Bought the wrong motherboard I guess.  I am going to have to rethink this I guess.

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