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Newer box at bluehost

I have been having and reporting problems daily on my old box63 at bluehost.  They just moved me to a shiny new box186.  Very fast and a bit different.  Took about 12 hours instead of the 4 hours they claimed.  They messed things up and then again.  I still don’t know if everything made it.  I have checked most everything but I am pretty sure I will continue to fined problems.  Never assume that a host is going to do what they say.  Yes we have backups but they may not be good and we may not know how to restore from them or use them.  Amazing the stuff they will try to tell you.  Think it is mostly working after about 5 calls and only 12 or so hours.  Hope important emails were not sent to me today, they were just bouncing them, not even saying try again later.  Just bounce no user here.  Can you tell I am not very happy with them.  I will be canceling my hosting agreement shortly if they do not clean up their act quick.

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