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Ubuntu Edgy on the averatec

Last night I finally got around to redoing jenny’s old notebook. Over the weekend we purchased a compac presario notebook. Was just a great deal. After rebate we will have paid 550 bucks and given a free printer to jenny’s sister. Last night I finished looking over jenny’s old notebook and deactivating her itunes account on that notebook. I then popped in the edgy cd and started the install. I was very happy that it found the dlink wireless card and just about everything else in the notebook. Everything seems to be running just fine. Not as fast as the new one but not bad at all. I think I may have to retire the old dell inspirion 7500 I have been using for the last few years. I also may search for some more memory for the averatec 3150. It has 254 right now but I think it will be nice and snappy if I put 512 in it and take the 128meg module out. The only thing that is not fixable on it is the left mouse button is a bit touchy, well you really have to touch it to make it work is what I mean. Maybe a few more years of life in the notebook thanks to ubuntu.

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