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One step closer to a perfect mythtv box

I finally figured out I had some bad memory so I returned to bestbuy and got another 1 gig.  This time all 2 gig of memory works no problem.  I also figured out what was causing my system load to stay above 1 all of the time.  Now the myth box will reboot (not hang on shutdown or reboot) and has a load of 0 most of the time.  Now to get digital audio working tonight and get my pronto remote setup again so it will control the myth box and my onkyo reciever.  Probably will have it control the projector, tv and dvd player also.  I hope to find out if the mythbox can play back hd content just as good as my stb from charter.  It may be able to.  I was thinking that I would have to get a dual core processor but I may just have enough in the 3500 without xvmc to do it.

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