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I didn’t get around to moving a mythtv box up to the bedroom

I was busy cleaning up the utility room and working out the remote and a few other things with mythtv.

Finally the utility room is clean and you can walk through it. I am working out a few storage ideas so the room will be organized also.

I have finished putting in a few jumppoints and cusomizing my lircrc file to use some of the unused buttons on the mce remote. Hopefully not to much will change when I get the 880. At least the mce remote I plan to use up in the bedroom will be ready to go.

I am having some problems with the xorg.conf file. I had 1024×768 working for a bit but now the screen is showing 800×600 again for some reason. After I get that figured out I will put in the twinview portion of the config and hook it to the tv to see how that looks.

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