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Cabinet is almost finished in the utility room

Over the weekend I have been building a cabinet to put my mitre saw, grinder, drill press, etc on.  I can store each tool on shelves that slide out and I can using them on top or store them below.  I will eventually make two more small adjustable cabinets that roll around also.  They can been hooked together and adjust in height and I will make a table top that will hook to them.  I want to make cabinets that I can roll out of the way and store when I am not using them but will be able to use them all over the utility room when I need tools and space.

I also plan on building some storage shelves for the rest of the stuff in the utility room.  I also want to put that on rollers and on the back of that cabinet I want to make a rack to put 4×8 sheets of wood to store.  I am also planning out a rack that is up at the ceiling to store other solid wood just to keep it out of the way but easy to get to when I want to use it.

So many plans.  I hope to have a chance to get 5 to 10 sheets of plywood next weekend.  That should keep me busy for awile I would thing.  The cabinet I made this weekend was made out of mdf that I had sitting around from a few other shelving projects.  That stuff is easy to use and holds up to just about everything but liquid.

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