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I actually made some progress last night

Good and bad that is. I finally am able to use my athlon xp 1700+ as a mythbackend. It is running fc6 and mythtv .21 installed from the bleeding repo from atrpms. Working great. Once I get the processor for the new box I will set that box up as a fc6 box slave backend with frontend also. Point it to the 1700 and see how it does. I am hoping the 1700 has enough horsepower to handle, I am sure it does, just have a few other things running on it also. Right now I am recording shows to a mirrored 300 gig array on a 3ware card. I think it will be just fine. Will test this weekend and if all works good, I will move everything off of the current frontend backend setup to the new 1700 and then move the new frontend out into the livingroom and then start to rebuild the 3500 frontend/backend I am currently using. That will probably end up being a frontend/slavebackend that I may put up in the bedroom. If that does not work out I will probably build it up as the master backend and replace the 1700. Then move the 1700 over to be the 2003 box. Going to have to do some playing. I hope to have all backend/servers on gigabit shortly. Frontends dont’ really need to be gigabit but if I have extra ports I will put them on gig also. I now have 2 motherboards that have it built in and one gig card for the 1700. It has been a long time but I am finally getting my hardware updated. My 2003 box is on it’s last leg I think. I am going to have to get a new chipset fan for it or just replace. It has been running non-stop for over 5 years now. Doing very well also.

I just ordered two new batteries for my APC smart-ups 700rm. Saw earlier this week that it looks like the batteries are bad on it. Have not gotten around to hooking it up to apcupsd on the 1700 to see what is going on. I have a 1000 also. I think I am going to have to redo that rack there and clean things up a bit.

The problem I ran into last night was my own fault.  I had been testing different versions of mythtv in different configs on the 1700.  Well I have been pretty good about changing the mysql.txt file to the correct ip of the masterbackend when testing.  Well last night I forgot to change the ip back to the 1700 when I was playing around.  I started up the frontend on the 1700 and it started to update the schema on my production mythbackend.  Ouch.  So I went in to check my sql backup of that box.  It was good.  I got it ready to restore.  I went ahead and ran my backup script to get a backup of the messed up database just in case.  That is where it went wrong.  It found the sql file I was going to use and rotated it.  Man, that sucks.  So now I lost a good backup.  Good thing I had partial backups of what I needed.  I believe I have it back to what I need.  Worst case, I lost tables for current shows for commercials and what not.  I think I can fix that in a pinch if I need to.  No big deal.  Just latest prison break and 24 that I have not watched.  I think I have both on a replay, just not hd.

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