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Installing NUT on fedora core 6

I have been looking around for a good program to use to shutdown my myth boxes if power is lost. I first was turned on to apcupsd. Since I have apc’s this will work great. But then I found NUT. This will support apc’s but almost any other ups also. I figured, if it does at least everything apcupsd can do and more, why not use it.

After not being able to find much at all about nut and fedora, I started stumbling around and figure it out for the most part. I have a simple one ups, one box setup right now. Eventually I will setup a few slaves that will turn off from the master if problems happen. They are all on the same apc 1000 right now. Eventually when I get new batteries for my apc 700rm, I will put some things back on the 700.

start out by installing all the packages

yum install nut nut-client nut-cgi

From there I went through the install docs and really like this page for a smartups or this page for a backup ups pro.

Each config will be different I am sure but this should get you to the point of having to figure out what ups you are using and what cable to use and how to connect. Pretty easy after you have that info.

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