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Charter tech came out and was on time

Well Saturday morning rolled around and sure enough the tech showed up about 8:45am.  Came right in and started testing signal levels.   Everything was fine.  Then went outside and looked at cabling and tested levels at house and at pedestal.  Everything was fine.  I found out he has had a few other customers complain about the same thing.  I guess charter is planning on switching to a new company for telephone service soon and that I guess will resolve the issues I am seeing.  Like I have said the whole time, I will give them 2 weeks and then decide.  If at&t or another company comes at me with a good deal that will make it to easy to decide.  So far I have not seen any other problems with the phone service but then again I am not on the remote end where you get the problems, I am typically at home and that is perfect there normally.

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