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Shed pretty much finished

This weekend I was able to finish up much of the finish work on the shed.  It is ready for winter. I was able to finish up the siding on the sides and the front and built the doors and got a second coat of paint on all wood on the outside of the shed.  I bought one more sheet of sofit so I could finish that up and caulked all corners of the fascia.  There were some notches that we had to cut out of the floor to fit around the frame of the shed and some of them are quite a bit larger than they needed to be.  It made fitting the floor much easier.  Now that it is all together I need to fill these wholes somehow.  I bought a roll of roofing tin and will roll that out and cut very tight fitting notches out of this and that will fill all of the holes.  I just don’t want animals getting into the shed if possible.  I plan on putting some mothballs under it to try to keep as many animals away anyway.  After I take care of this last item I hope to get most things out of the garage and into the shed.  This will take a few hours probably.  I also bought a few 2x4s today.  I plan to build some shelving and also some brackets to store the chairs from the deck in the winter.  So a bit more to do but if I can’t get out to do any of it due to being busy with Emma, no big deal.  The shed is weather proof I believe and ready for winter if it has to be.

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