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Shed is filling up fast

Well I am begining to think that I should have bought a bigger shed.  I believe the shed is finished.  At least I can’t think of anything I needed to finish up.  I do have some extra wood and 2x4s in there that I will be making some shelves and some hangers for things like the patio furniture and what not.  I need to stack that and get it organized and out of the way.  I may build a quick rack just to store the wood on one side up in the ceiling area.  That things is getting full and I have not moved everything in yet.  I have a few things left in the garage that I want to move into the shed.  The biggest thing is a plastic shelving unit with doors.  That I plan to put on the back wall.  I want to build one or two small shelves on each side wall up high to be able to put stuff.  I also want to build hangers for the 4 patio chairs so I can hang them from the ceiling in the winter.  I want to be able to walk all the way in front to back without problem after it is all done also.  Well at least when the chairs are not hanging in there in the winter.  It is asking a bit much to have the chairs in there and also be able to walk front to back I am thinking.  We shall see.  I hope to have time this weekend to get most of the shed organized and all set.

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