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Building Mythtv from svn

I have been holding off building mythtv for a very long time. I have finally come up with a decent build routine and have built my own myth boxes from scratch now. Below are the steps I go through.

Check out what ever version of svn you want to build

Now to make mythtv:

./configure –prefix=/usr –enable-dvb –dvb-path=/usr/include –enable-xvmc –enable-opengl-vsync –enable-proc-opt –enable-libdts –enable-firewire –enable-xvmc-opengl



make install

Now to make mythplugins:

./configure –prefix=/usr –enable-aac –disable-mytharchive –disable-mythbrowser –disable-mythcontrols



make install

Now to make and install myththemes:

./configure –prefix=/usr

make install

Get things setup so the backend starts automatically:

Create user and group mythtv

cp /dvr/scripts/mythtv-backend /etc/init.d

cp /dvr/scripts/mythtv-backend.default /etc/default/mythtv-backend

update-rc.d mythtv-backend defaults

mkdir /var/log/mythtv

make sure /root/.mythtv/mysql.txt is created and correct

/etc/init.d/mythtv-backend start

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