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Last week I ordered a new gps. Thanks to Fedex Home I did not get it until late on saturday. Can you tell I hate fedex home. They come about noon everyday during the week. Don’t deliver because they need signiture. Then saturday they don’t come till about 2:30pm. Remember to always use ups. At least you can go pick up the package once you see they left a tag. fedex home does not allow you to do that until the 3rd attempt. Thankfully they started trying to deliver on thursday.

Anyway, I ended up getting the Mio C230 from amazon for $139 shipped. This unit is easily unlocked. I bought a 2 gig sd card and loaded up the files from that site and everything was unlocked. To easy. I now have many more poi and a few more things like speed cam locations and what not. Now to look into what it will cost to get upadated maps on the unit and also a mount for the car. Very slick unit and just the little bit of playing around that we have done. This unit looks like it will be perfect for what we need.

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