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Changed a few things with my mythtv network this weekend

Move a few things around so m1box is upstairs now and m2box is down stairs for the time being.  All boxes have been rebuilt with a fresh new install of ubuntu hardy i386.  Install takes just about 2 hours from start to finish now.  Not bad at all.  I got rid of all x64 files in my local repo and that got rid of about 10.2 gig of data.  Apt-mirror should not take long at all to update at night now.  I have a total of 4 backend processes running on 4 different boxes.  That will help out tremendously with commercial flagging.  I am going to try out commflagging 24×7 now and see if that causes any problems.  I may actually start commflagging immediately also.  May try that later this week.  Next project is to get svideo working on m2box and hooking that to an old tv in our living room.  Want to get that working so we can watch movies in the living room.  Mostly dvd’s for Emma.  Want to get this all working good by winter.

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