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Myth boxen did great for the big olympics weekend

The myth boxes are doing great after the update I applied last week.  They made it through a bunch of recording over the weekend.  I think that is the most they box has worked in a very long time.  The olympics keep the hdhomerun pretty busy.  Never recorded 8 hours straight before.

27 hours recorded all hd, over the weekend.  Still recording now.  Recorded another 4.5 today already.

169 gig so far and still counting.

After the olympics are over I hope to get back to moving the master backend into the new case and then rebuilding it as an ubuntu hardy 8.04.1 amd64 box instead of the i386 box it is right now.

I have started a test build on another box and everything is straight forward so far.  Just trying to remember all of the little things I did before so when I actually make the new build it goes as fast as possible.  Took about 6 hours today but about 2 hours of config for the current text box.

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