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Eye-fi card is very nice

I did end up getting a 2 gig Eye-fi card. Was very easy to get setup on my laptop. You do have to have a windows pc at this time, in order to configure it and getting it uploading. I have seen a few programs for linux but have not messed with them yet. The only problem I have is if I take a bunch of pictures it takes awhile for them to get uploaded and synced. The xsi pictures are 3 to 5 meg normally. That adds up fast and our network connection is only 512k. I have it setup right now to put it on our picasa site. I am still playing around with private or public for the albums. So far the card has been great. I need to get one more new access point. We just replaced our old wrt-54g with an asus 520gu. The new access point has much better signal. I think I am going to either get another one like that or a N based access point and remove the old dell truemobile ones also. The only other thing that will probably come in handy is a spare battery for the xsi. I think that battery is going to drain a lot faster now with this method of uploading. I set the timeout to 15 minutes instead of 2 minutes. If you know of a place that has great prices for the xsi battery please let me know.

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