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New Sliding Glass Door

Over the weekend Jen and Emma went down to see Grandma and Papa in Stevensville. While they were gone for the day we had scheduled to have a Handy man come out and install a new Pella sliding glass door. In the middle of waiting for the door to arrive all of the systems that are hosted in MD for the company I work for went down due to a Oracle db cluster having issues over night. We finally decided to start a full server by server reboot to remedy the problem. By the time this process started the Handy Man had shown up. Luckily the reboot process did not require my interaction so I was able to get the Handy Man all he needed so he could get started. At that point the db cluster just came up and app servers were getting restarted. I cycled a few services on another server and the Point of Sales system and inventory control system were back up. The handy man took a little longer than I expected (also a bit longer than he estimated, but got it for the same prices none the less). I was trimming the carpet by the door and hanging the drapes around 4pm. After a little clean up, the new door is better than we had hoped. Now to see how it handles the winter. Our old door was starting to get very difficult to open an close but in the winter it would ice up so it was almost impossible to open an close. This new door you can open and close with your pinky finger. Hopefully Emma does not want to play with it to much. The nice thing is, is the door is on the outside so she can’t get to it when it is open and the lock is to high for her to reach now. The other door she was just talk enough to lock and unlock, only locked me out once and she unlocked is very quickly after she locked it.

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